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Bucktoe Creek Preserve is a 297-acre privately-owned natural area located near Kennett Square, in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The preserve is managed to enhance biodiversity and promote sound ecological stewardship through forest, meadow, and wetland restoration. Our primary goals are to provide a stable location for long-term environmental monitoring and ecological research, a refuge for threatened flora and fauna, and a site for educating naturalists of all ages and at all levels of expertise. To learn more about Bucktoe Creek Preserve, click here.

Please visit the preserve through one of our scheduled programs, or contact us to request a guided tour.


To learn more about educational programming at Bucktoe Creek Preserve, click the button below. Or, to access the programs hosted by each of the below groups, click on a logo to explore their programming schedule. Learn More

Enjoy Bucktoe Creek Preserve Through Educational Programming Provided By Our Partners:

  • History
  • Flora & Fauna
  • Bird Watching
  • Gallery


About ongoing and past research projects at Bucktoe Creek Preserve with our research partners, pictured to the right, by clicking the button below.

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About Bucktoe Creek Preserve

Bucktoe Creek Preserve is a privately-owned 297-acre nature preserve located in Avondale, PA. To learn more about us, see our About page.


Because the preserve is closed to the public, we are refraining from sharing the address publicly; however, you can read step-by-step directions to our preserve here.

Educational programming

To access the preserve, attend a program provided by one of our partners:

  • The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County
  • PA Master Naturalist
  • Delaware Nature Society


Have a question? Check our FAQ page or send us a message through our contact page. You can also reach us through email at: office@bucktoecreekpreserve.org.